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HeFeng has provided innovative surface treatment solutions for a multitude of industry sectors with its plasma and corona treatment technologies. Our surface treatment solutions are flexible to meet the demands of materials like metal, plastic or glass, working environments and industries.

Why Choose Us?

  • Why Choose Us

    Leading solution provider within the industry: specialized in providing surface treatment solution, including engineering, designing, manufacturing, supplying, installation and after-sales service;

  • Why Choose Us

    Service across a wide range of industry sectors: professional surface treatment equipment for printing, coating, lamination, extrusion, blown film/cast film extrusion, etc.;

  • Why Choose Us

    Partnered with AHLBRANDT and HILDEBRAND, enjoying world's leading technologies, innovative designs, advanced software & hardware support, and excellent service;

  • Why Choose Us

    Incorporating a combination of professional and experienced teams from designing, manufacturing and after-sales service to guarantee excellent performance and premium quality of each product, these teams have made firm commitment to deliver exceptional customer service;

  • Converting

    Typical converting processes include printing, laminating and perforating, suited to convert plastic films and other materials to final products. Manufacturing food packaging films is a typical example. Because the surface energy will be decreased with increasing storage time, many plastic film manufacturers apply plasma surface treatment right after the production to improve surface energy and increase wettability, achieving the best possible effect.

  • Film Extrusion

    Since the plastic film has many possible applications, plastic film manufacturers produce it with tailor-made compositions and characteristics to make it suitable for targeted application. Regardless of what the plastic film is used for, surface tension is a critical factor that can affect the wettability and printability of the film surface. In this case, manufacturers use corona treatment to treat newly produced films to improve the characteristics of the film surface.

    HeFeng has been focusing on plastic film surface treatment system since its first foundation. We can help you increase the surface tension of your plastic film. Please fill out the form below with your request, we will contact you quickly.

  • Printing

    In printing industry, such as flexo printing, gravure printing, digital printing and screen printing substrates and inks require compatible surface for bonding, which can affect the adhesion of print colors, coatings and adhesives.

    Based on its professional expertise, HeFeng can assist you tackle these challenges in the printing industry.

  • Textiles

    Industrial textiles are found in almost every industry. Taking into account that the various chemicals are required in textile production processes of laminating, coating and printing, plasma treatment is an ideal approach to treat the surface of textiles as the treatment is carried out in a closed and dry process.

  • Coating/Laminating

    Surface coating can offer an enhanced performance to the surface of a substrate, like glossy appearance, comfortable touch and slip resistance. The adhesion of the coating plays a critical role in achieving better performance.

  • Label Printing

    In the applications of label printing, corona treatment can be applied to the surface of material web to improve the adhesion of print colors, adhesives and coatings on labels. For this field, the structure of corona generator and corona station is relatively small and compact so that they can be easily integrated into new or existing systems.